Frequently Asked Questions

New to aviation? The best way to find out what it's all about is to schedule a discovery flight

General Requirements

• At least 16 years old to solo
• At least 17 to take check ride

How Much Does It Cost To Fly?
$150/hr for Cessna 172
$65/hr for the instructor
View Cost Breakdown on Pricing Page

How Do I Pay?
Check out the different ways you can pay here.

What Aircraft Will I Operate?
We currently have two Cessna 172s. View our fleet.

How Do I Schedule Lessons?
Schedule with your instructor or office staff
If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to work with you. Lessons may be rescheduled due to bad flying weather.

How Do I Get Non-owners Insurance (also called renter's insurance)?
The following are popular for renter's insurance:
AOPA - fill form out directly online
AVEMCO - fill form out directly online
STARR - fill out application

Your policy must have the following minimum Required Coverage:
• $250,000 each occurrence
• $25,000 each passenger
• $3,000 each person including crew
• $5,000 non-owned physical damage

How Do I Schedule an Aviation Medical?
You will need to fill out an application on
MedXpress and take it to your appointment.
For your private pilot license you want a third class medical

Farmington, NM:
Dr. Kennard Stradling
Reliance Medical Group
Call to schedule an appointment
Phone: 505-566-1915

Durango, CO:
Dr. Peter Davenport
La Plata Family Medicine
Call to schedule an appointment
Phone: 970-259-3110

How Do I Schedule My Written Exam?
Create an account on the FAA PSI website.

Farmington Testing Center
1307 E 20th St Farmington, NM 87401

Durango Testing Center
799 E 3rd, Suite 3 Durango , CO 81301