Discovery Flight

Take the controls yourself and see just how easy it is to become a pilot. Schedule your discovery flight today.

What is a discovery flight? A discovery flight is a chance to see if flying is for you. You will get an hour of flight time in the aircraft with a choice of destination (Shiprock, Navajo Dam or Napi). You won't just be a passenger, but rather you will get to take the controls with the instructor talking you through the process. Learn to climb, descend, and take off all in your first hour of flight! A discovery flight also includes an hour of ground discussion where you can ask the Certified Flight Instructor any questions you have.

If it is your first time flying you may get a little motion sick. If you have a tendency to get motion sick, the best time to fly is early morning when the air is cool and calm. Call, text, or email us to schedule your first flight. $200 for your first hour of flight.

Discovery flights make great gifts for birthdays and special occasions! We offer gift vouchers for $200.
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