Private Pilot Program

What is a Private Pilot Certificate?
A private pilot certificate is similar to what a driver's license is for an automobile. Earning a private pilot certificate means you can legally fly an aircraft.

How Does It Work? What can I expect?
Becoming a pilot is a little different from traditional schooling. There is minimal classroom time. You can think of getting your pilot’s license as an apprenticeship. We will give you all the resources you need to study and pass the FAA written and practical exams.

1. We will discuss your overall aviation goals so we can tailor your lessons to fit your goals.
2. For best results you’ll want to plan on flying at least 2-3 times a week. You can get your private license in as little as one month, but average is 3 - 6 months.
3. We will schedule based on your availability.
4. The CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) will give you content to review and study before each lesson.
5. Sign up for Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course: Private Pilot Text Prep to aid in your ground study. The most successful pilots are those that put in equal effort on the ground as in the air.
6. When you are ready for your written exam the instructor will sign you off.
7. Once you are proficient in the maneuvers and procedures outlined in the Airmen Certification Standards, and meet the hours required, the CFI will sign you off to go to the check ride.
8. Congratulations! Once you pass the check ride you will get a temporary certificate, good for 120 days while you wait for you hard copy Private Pilot license in the mail.

General Requirements
• At least 16 years of age to solo
• At least 17 to take check ride

A minimum 40 hours total
Of those 40 hours you will need:
• a minimum of 20 hours with an instructor
• a minimum of 10 hours solo
For details FAR/AIM 61.109

You will need:
Non-owner’s aircraft insurance
• An aviation medical (third class is sufficient for private)
• RoadRunner Private Pilot Kit (includes all the supplies you need for training)
Sectionals (Denver & Abq)
• iPad optional (suggested if you want to make aviation a career)
• For an iPad purchase ForeFlight for more tools and a digital logbook ($100/year)

How do I get my Student Pilot Certificate?
To get your Student Pilot Certificate you will need to create an account on IACRA.
There are three steps to the process:
1. Make a profile
2. Start a new application
3. Accept your application (the CFI will review your app to accept it)